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3 Food Trends for Indian Food Lovers

As we embark on 2021, there are many new trends set to be the ‘next big thing’ in food this year. There are 3 rather special trends that you should try this year, especially if you love Indian food and Kohinoor!


Amchoor is a fruity spice powder made from unripe green mangoes, and quite often, just referred to as Mango Powder. Although it might sound sweet and sugary, the flavour of amchoor is more citrus-sy and adds a real ‘zing’ to your cooking. If you’re cooking a dish where it needs a bit of acidity, consider a dash of amchoor, and it can even help tenderise meat. Amchoor is an integral part of Indian cooking as it can add a sour tang without adding moisture, which is very important when making samosas or pakoras. 

Fragrant Rice

Rice has been around for centuries, however, in 2021, it is believed to become an exciting part of foodies’ cooking repertoires. Often considered an accompaniment to rich curries and thick sauces, rice can be its own showstopper. Get experimental with different flavours of rice and maybe even consider it for breakfast, but ultimately, allow this beautiful grain the credit it deserves! 

Gram Flour

Gram Flour is a staple in most Indian households, however, hasn’t made it to cupboards in the UK… yet. Gram flour is naturally gluten-free so perfect for those who can’t have gluten, without having to sacrifice anything. This flour is made from ground chickpeas and is ideal for making pakoras, flatbreads, and certainly bhajis. It has a delicious earthy flavour, so definitely worth a try in 2021.