Indian Aromas

5 Inspiring Indian Aromas

Aromas have an incredible ability to transform your imagination, whether it’s into your memories or transport you to new places. Discover these Indian aromas that’ll amaze you.

Sandalwood Incense

Indian Aromas

Sandalwood incense is one of the most widely recognised aromas of India. The sweet and wood scent of incense sticks permeates the air around Indian temples release a calming effect amidst the madness. Often associated with spirituality and peacefulness, incense will leave an aroma that will have you picturing warmer climates of India.

Marigold flowers


Marigolds have been associated with Indian culture for centuries. These pungent floral smells are heady and alluring, and without a doubt, irreplaceable. These colourful flowers play an important part in important occasions in India, from marriages to festivals. You’ll find garlands of these all over India in celebration, and the floral aromas will never cease to amaze.


Jasmine in hair

Jasmine is another floral scent that is typical of India. Jasmine flowers represents worship and is a part of both ancient and contemporary culture in India. In Tamil Nadu, many women fasten garlands of jasmine flowers to their hair as a symbol of good fortune. Their beautiful fragrance is complex balance of sweet and rich scents.


Tadka Indian Aromas

You can’t have inspiring Indian aromas without the beautiful mixture of strong spices synonymous with the food culture of the subcontinent. A tadka is the deep-frying of spices to make your curry. With the sole purpose to release the oils and aromas of the combination of spices, these satisfying scents will have you craving authentic curry in a matter of seconds.

Masala Chai

masala chai

Rich, creamy, and aromatic: masala chai is a beauty drink with delectable scents. The warming spices of cardamom, cloves, and ginger arouse a heady aroma profile. If you’ve had masala chai before, the aroma is sure to bring feelings of nostalgia, and if you’re new to the beverage, you’re guaranteed to want to try it!

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