chicken biryani

5 Way To Use Leftovers with Kohinoor

Using up leftovers is a great way to reduce your food waste as well as save money on your shopping, but you don’t want to eat the same thing over and over. Get experimental with Kohinoor’s products and your leftovers!

Leftover Sunday Roast

Knowing what to do with a leftover Sunday Roast is quite tricky. Sandwiches might be an obvious choice, but cooking a curry is much more exciting! Using any of Kohinoor’s Cooking Sauces is the perfect way to ensure a tasty curry without tough meat. If you have leftover chicken, a great idea is to shred it before adding to our Butter Chicken sauce, or try chunks of roast lamb in this bhuna masala recipe.

Roast pork bhuna

Leftover Curry and Rice

If you’ve enjoyed a tasty evening of rice and curry but not sure you want the exact thing again, make a ‘cheat’s biryani’! Start by mixing the curry sauce with the pre-cooked rice, then layering this with meat and vegetables of the curry. Add some crispy fried onions and then put into the oven on a low heat to warm throughout. Serve with fresh raita and you’ll have all the tasty flavour of biryani with no fuss and no leftovers in the fridge.

chicken biryani

Leftover Vegetables

No one enjoys eating leftover vegetables as they are and if they get boiled again, it’s even worse! Using our meals in minutes, you can microwave for a delicious Indian meal and then add the leftover cooked vegetables in and allow it to heat up without overcooking them. All of our Meals in minutes would work well with vegetables.

veg curry

Leftover Curry

Using up last night’s curry for today’s lunch is a tasty treat. Add mayonnaise and mango chutney to a chicken curry for a tasty take on a coronation chicken as a sandwich filling, or use the curry in our kathi roll recipe! You could bulk up the curry with rice or potatoes, extra veg, salad, and make an Indian-inspired burrito.


Leftover Rice

Leftover rice is a tricky one to deal with, but don’t let that saucepan remain in the fridge! Mix leftover rice with our range of Meals in Minutes, such as saag aloo or rajma masala, and stuff vegetables! Whatever you have available will work, including peppers, beef tomatoes, courgettes, or even marrow! Sprinkle a little cheese and breadcrumbs on top and put under the grill for a delicious dinner.

stuffed vegetables