Guide to Curry

A Guide to Kohinoor’s Curries

One of the most wonderful aspects of Kohinoor’s range of Cooking Sauces is their versatility! By using our products, you can explore new flavours as well as authentic tastes on your favourites.

Use our easy guide to help you choose some new favourites and try some more!

For Mild & Creamy Lovers

If you favourite type of curry is a rich and creamy sauce, we have some great options for you. Our Coconut Moilee is a creamy and coconut flavour, epitomising the flavours of South India. Our Butter Chicken is an iconic sauce and is a bestseller. Our Egg Curry is a Mumbai delicacy and it’s no surprise why!

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For The Spice Lovers

Can you handle the heat? Our range of spicy sauces build up layers of taste, so you’ll be certain to taste the chilli, but lots of other typical Indian flavours. Our Mumbai Kohlapuri Sauce is not for the faint-hearted! It’s our spiciest sauce and is certainly powerful. The madras sauce is one of the most recognised in Britain. It’s a fiery combination of tomato, coconut, chilli and fragrant coriander. If you’re looking for the perfect vegetarian spicy dish, we’d recommend our Chilli Paneer cooking sauce. Originating from Calcultta, its a delicious stir-fry style sauce.

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Perfect for Vegetarians

As all of Kohinoor’s products are plant-based, you can make all of them vegetarian and vegan friendly. However, our Chilli Paneer and Egg Curry are simple perfection for any vegetarian. If you prefer fiery flavours, choose our Chilli Paneer or if you don’t like too much chilli and prefer a creamier taste, try our Egg Curry.

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Perfect With Lamb

When creating a lamb curry, you have to find the perfect balance of spices to impart the flavours beautifully and be able to work with slow-cooked and tender lamb. Our Hyderabad Haleem Cooking Sauce is rich and hearty with barley and is perfect with shredded, slow-cooked lamb that simply falls off the bone. If you’re cooking with lamb shanks, the our Nihari Cooking Sauce is aromatic and rich – perfect for the rich meat. Finally, the lamb madras is an iconic British takeaway order, so why not try making it yourself at home without the worry! Our Madras Cooking Sauce is full of authentic flavours and will definitely convince you it’s better than a takeaway.

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Perfect With Chicken

Having chicken in the fridge is a must-have for a quick go-to when it comes to dinner. There’s lots of different Kohinoor Cooking Sauces that would work with chicken. Our Butter Chicken is a must-try when it comes to a great Indian chicken dish and you can use it lots of different ways, from a marinade to a curry sauce. We all love a chicken jalfrezi and it is often on a takeaway menu. Our Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce is a rich blend of tomatoes, peppers, and onion, perfectly spiced with ginger and chilli.

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Kohinoor Multiple Meal Bundle

With so many different possibilities and options with Kohinoor’s Cooking Sauces, try our multiple meal bundle to get the best value and try lots of different flavours. Customise the cooking sauces, side dishes, and rice to your liking and click to buy!