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A Student’s Guide to Kohinoor

When it comes to student cooking, you might be tempted to reach for the tin of beans, but great flavours don’t have to be difficult to make! Kohinoor’s made it even easier with our range of cooking sauces and of course, some top tips for getting the most out of your student kitchen. 

Get Experimental

Kohinoor’s products are the perfect way to starting experimenting with different flavours without worrying about having an extensive spice cupboard. Cooking a madras might already be part of your repertoire or certainly something you’ve enjoyed eating before, but our wide and authentic range of sauces will allow you to broaden your taste horizons. From aromatic hariyali methi to our spicy kohlapuri masala, you get all the fun of new things without the stress of cooking. 

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Kohinoor For Packed Lunch 

Our range of cooking products are versatile and not just for dinners. For quick lunches on the move, our meals in minutes are quick, healthy, and nutritious. Ready to eat in just 2 minutes, you can enjoy a tasty meal on the go. Having sandwiches everyday for lunch can get boring so switch it up with rice boxes as well as tasty wrap fillings using our sauces, just like our Butter Chicken Kathi Roll. 

Use Kohinoor as a base 

Using Kohinoor Cooking Sauces or side dishes are the perfect way to introduce yourself into cooking. You could add any protein or vegetables you like, but you can also use the sauces as a base to make other different sauces. By adding a couple of spices and aromatics, you can transform our sauces into a different type of curry. Starting with our Saag Aloo side dish, you could fry paneer in oil and garam masala and mix in together to make a saag paneer. With the addition of onions, peppers, and tomatoes, our Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce can be transformed to make a Kadhai sauce! 

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Staying Healthy with Kohinoor

Staying healthy can be difficult when at university and the temptation to choose unhealthy can be alluring. However, with Kohinoor you can stay healthy without sacrificing flavour. Our products have no artificial preservatives, additives, or MSG. Plus, they’re all vegan healthy so you can enjoy tasty meat-free meals. 

Vegan Curry

When it comes to leaving home for University, choose Kohinoor products for quick, healthy, and delicious choices every week!