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Kohinoor Joy is the perfect place to share all of the joys of India. We look to take you on a journey through your senses with every article. Savour each bite from our best cooking tips, to easy recipes that you’ve always wanted to know.

Discover new wonders of India and more, with fresh perspectives on travel and spices. Explore things you never knew through taste, sight, aroma, harmony, and touch. Connect with India through Kohinoor Joy as a community together. If you would like to share with the Kohinoor community, we want to hear your voice on our testimonials.

We are passionate about every Kohinoor recipe, article, video, and product. You can buy all of your favourite Kohinoor products including cooking sauces, meals-in-minutes, Indian snacks, and basmati rice here. All of our delicious ingredients are sourced directly from India and their authentic flavours are locked away inside. With our rice sourced from the Himalayas, and spices from the markets throughout the exotic sub-continent, Kohinoor has a unique and distinct flavour that you will love.

Many of our recipes are developed by our Head Development Chef, Navin Bhatia. He understands the nuances of each spice to create the perfect meal for any occasion. We focus on the marriage of flavours creating the ideal bite. Our range of recipes, featuring many of our products, include a variety of different dishes, cuisines, and difficulties. Whether you’re a novice cook who wants to try something new, or a long-time Indian cuisine and curry lover, Kohinoor Joy gives you the perfect authentic taste of India.

If you’re looking to discover your favourite butter chicken recipe, or want to try something new with basmati rice, you can find what you need on Kohinoor Joy. Share the joys of India with your friends and family through Kohinoor.

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