barbecued aubergine and halloumi

Barbecued Spicy Halloumi and Aubergine Recipe

Add some spice to your barbecue repertoire! These delicious vegetarian stacks combine the fiery heat of our Jalfrezi Cooking sauce and the smokey flavour from the barbecue.


1 aubergine, cut into 12 slices
8 slices of halloumi
5g salt
1/4 tsp chilli powder
50ml oil
1 packet of Kohinoor Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce


  • Marinate the aubergine and halloumi with salt and chilli powder
  • Drizzle the oil and barbecue until lightly charred on each side
  • Gently heat the Kohinoor Jalfrezi Cooking sauce in a saucepan
  • Stack the slice of halloumi and aubergine and serve with lashings of the Jalfrezi sauce

Top Tip
Try skewering the halloumi and aubergine into tasty kebabs