Beat Indian Takeaway

Beat the Indian Takeaway with Kohinoor

We’re taking on your favourite Indian takeaway with our delicious products in the Kohinoor Saver’s Bundle and our recipes. A typical Indian takeaway for one includes a starter, main course, pilau rice, and naan bread. We’ve beaten this on price, health, time, and certainly taste for a delicious Indian feast for 2.


The average Brit spends an incredible £110 on takeaways every month. With people looking for ease, they’re willing to spend their money. Indian takeaways are actually the most expensive, on average, compared to other takeaways. The average spend per person on an Indian is £9.41. If you’re serving more than one, it’s going to amount to a big bill at the end of the meal. By choosing the Kohinoor Saver’s Bundle, you’ll be spending almost half for two people to enjoy more food! With our Saver’s Bundle, you will receive a 1kg bag of delicious basmati rice. This is enough for 20 generous servings! You’ll also receive more variety with 2 different meals in minutes (perfect for side dishes) and 2 different cookings sauces. You’re guaranteed a feast for 2, at only £10.


Many people perceive a curry as a ‘naughty treat’. If you’re only ordering takeaways, this is true. In fact, it turns out to be far more than just ‘naughty’. One peshwari naan from your local Indian takeaway can estimate up to 748 calories. That is 168% of the recommended daily intake of saturated fat. One of the nation’s favourite curries, Chicken Tikka Masala, boasts a whopping 1249 calories. In total, by ordering a standard Indian takeaway you might be eating more calories than your daily allowance.

However, traditional meals in India are naturally low in fat, high in fibre, and filled with fruit and vegetables. At Kohinoor, we’ve been very careful to stay authentic with all of our products. This way, we’ve managed to keep them easy to cook and still incredibly healthy. For any dieters, our Dal Makhani is completely syn free! Our Delhi Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce has half the calories of a typical chicken tikka masala. All of our products are vegan friendly, helping everyone enjoy Indian food. We’re also very careful about what we put into our sauces, so you can tuck in and be certain that you’ve made a better choice for your health.


This is one of the biggest reasons why people choose takeaways: it’s quick and easy. Picking up the phone and making an order is an easy option. However, it takes the average takeaway 35-45 minutes to deliver your food. With Kohinoor products, you can have a delicious meal for two in 30 minutes!


The taste of Kohinoor products is something we are incredibly proud of. We do everything to ensure the true authentic taste of India that everyone can enjoy. All of our spices are sourced in India with their delicious flavours locked in. The true taste of India can never be rivalled by takeaway chains. Just read our testimonials to discover what people think.

It’s time to beat the takeaway and indulge in real Indian food. Shop our Saver’s Bundle, with free delivery!

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