cumin health benefits

The incredible benefits of cumin

Cumin is a beautifully aromatic spice, originating from eastern Mediterranean countries and Egypt; however, is a common addition in many South Asian dishes. Their flavour is warm with a pungent aroma, and it has some incredibly healthy properties as well!

Origins of Cumin

Cumin is the seed of a plant of the parsley family. The earliest recordings of use of the aromatic seed can be found 5000 years ago with the ancient Egyptians. Similar to many ancient spices, cumin has an incredibly diverse and rich history. Apparently, the incredible medicinal benefits even led it to being used as currency. Within Indian cuisine, cumin is a core spice and traditional ingredient in many different recipes.

Incredible medicinal properties

These aromatic seeds are packed filled with different antioxidants and vitamins, therefore, they have some incredible health benefits.

Treating Insomnia

One of the its most peculiar properties is the ability to be both a stimulant and a relaxant simultaneously. Considering that insomnia is often a result of numerous aspects, the different vitamins within can benefit many things. Some of the components, especially the essential oils, have naturally hypnotic and calming effects. This can relieve stress and anxiety, which are two very common causes of insomnia. 

Prevents Anaemia

Cumin is a great source of iron, therefore making it a great spice to help prevent anaemia. In fact, per 100g of seeds, there is more than 66mg of iron. There is more than 5X the recommended daily intake for an adult. This can improve the various side-effects of anaemia, which include fatigue, anxiety, and cognitive malfunction.

Fighting the common cold

Cumin naturally boosts your immune system, through the abundance of iron, essential oils, and vitamins. These antioxidants build up white blood cells within the body. The essential oils also act as disinfectants and help fight viral infections.

Improving memory

There have been studies that have found that cumin can improve your memory as a nutraceutical supplement. This incredible spice can increase the rate of learning and memory retention. The improvement of blood circulation aids cognitive performance. 

Helping diabetes

A clinical study showed that the use of cumin supplements improved early indicators of diabetes, as well as other components that country some of the long-term effects of diabetes.