Chickpeas in Indian Cooking

When you think about chickpeas, you may think about Arabic and Middle East cooking with falafel and hummus, however, this pulse is very significant in Indian cooking as well.

Chickpeas, which have a variety of difference names, are incredibly high in protein and is one of the earliest cultivated legumes. In facts, 7,500 year old remains of chickpeas have been found in the Middle East.

Chickpeas are one of India’s biggest export, with 67% of the world total of chickpeas coming from the subcontinent. There are 2 different varieties of chickpeas grown in India: Desi Chickpeas and Kabuli Chickpeas. Desi chickpeas are either tan or black and primarily grown in dry lands. Kabuli chickpeas have a thin coat and are available in a range of different colours. The majority of chickpeas are grown in the Madhya Pradesh state of India.

There are lots of different ways to enjoy chickpeas in Indian cooking. Chickpea flour, also known as gram flour, is used throughout Indian cooking in both savoury and sweet dishes. For example, you can make a tasty onion bhaji or Besan Ki Barfi with this tasty flour. It adds a warming flavour to your dishes.

Kohinoor Chana Masala

The most iconic chickpea dish in India is chana masala. Chana masala is a wholesome vegetarian dish with chickpeas in a tasty onion and tomato sauce, delicately spiced with ginger and turmeric. Don’t worry about making your own, with Kohinoor, you can experience the true taste of chickpeas in Indian cooking with our Meals in Minutes.