Chocolate Ginger Tart Recipe

Chocolate and Ginger Tart Recipe

Ginger adds a subtle warmth to this incredibly easy chocolate tart. For best results, serve with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Prep time 30 mins
Chill time 3 hours
Makes 1 large tart


250g ginger biscuits
75g unsalted butter, melted (plus a little more for greasing)
Zest of 1 orange
300ml double cream
100g dark chocolate
200g milk chocolate
4 teaspoons syrup from a jar of stem ginger
Orange zest, to decorate


  • Grease a 27cm loose bottomed fluted tart tin with a little melted butter
  • Place the biscuits into the bowl of a food processor and pulse until they become fine crumbs
  • Add the melted butter to the biscuit crumbs and pulse again until the mixture just comes together
  • Tip the mixture into the prepared tart tin and press it down so that it evenly covers the base
  • Place the biscuit base in the fridge to set a little
  • Make the filling by breaking up the chocolate into small chunks and placing in a heatproof bowl
  • Place the cream into a heavy bottom pan on a medium heat and cook until it starts to bubble
  • Take the cream off the heat and pour it over the chocolate. Leave the mixture for a minute, so that the chocolate starts to melt, and then whisk the whole thing together until you get a thick, glossy ganache
  • Add the ginger syrup to the ganache and whisk well
  • Pour the ganache over the prepared biscuit base, sprinkle over the orange zest and place the whole thing back in the fridge for at least three hours to set
  • This tart will keep well for a few days. Just wrap it up well and keep it in the fridge