cooking with kids

Cooking With Children Top Tips

Cooking with your children is a great way to get them involved in the food they eat, help you in the kitchen, and during lockdown it’s a really fun activity. Follow some of out top tips to help you!

Pick 1 Project

When cooking with kids, choose 1 dish to make together. It’s best to do this when you’ve got lots of time rather than trying to do dinner quickly. Choose a project together as well so you know they’re excited to help.

Expect Mess

Cooking can often get messy, especially with children helping. Be prepared for this and don’t worry! Put down a plastic tablecloth under where they’re working to help, but it’ll be much more fun to clean up together at the end.

Prepare your children

You don’t want to spend your evening trying to get ingredients out of their hair and clothes so make sure your children are prepped. All long hair tied away, clothes you don’t mind making a mess of and always wear an apron!

Teach cooking preparation properly

Some parts of cooking might seem boring, but still get your children involved! Make sure they understand about cleaning their hands, keeping raw and cooked food separate, and all the prep required for a tasty meal.

Let Them Get Creative

Children can be wonderfully creative and inventive, so use cooking to facilitate this! By choosing a recipe that allows for personal interpretation, children can feel much more part of the project. Recipes that are good for this are anything like pizzas, fajitas, or tacos!

Food Education

When cooking with your children, it’s the perfect time to introduce them to new dishes and ingredients that they might not have had before. This way, they feel far more comfortable with the ingredients and are more likely to enjoy it!