tea blend

A cup of tea for your every mood

It has long been a British tradition that a cup of tea can fix all manner of problems. You can get the perfect tea problem-solver for every mood you have. Slowly sip your tailored tea and allow your body and mind heal in the deep aromas.


If you’re struggling to concentrate and keep daydreaming of returning to bed away from work, try some black tea. A great alternative to harsh coffee, black tea, such as earl grey, is the perfect pick-me-up. A few sips of a warming and rich blend will get you alert and ready for the day, with your mental cogs definitely in gear.

Under the weather

In these wintery month, it is easy to fall victim to the cold. A cup of tea can fix this very simply. Tea is a great resource to boost your immune system and support your body when it struggles in harsh conditions. Fruit tea is wonderful to give your immune system a kick, especially as they’re packed full of vitamins. It’s a delicious remedy to cure any sore throats, body aches and life under the weather.


If you can’t seem to get off to sleep, use chamomile tea to slowly lull you into slumber. Chamomile is one of the most popular teas to let you get some rest. The reason for this is primarily the incredible relaxing powers. Chamomile soothes your nervous system, allowing your thoughts to settle ready for a blissful sleep.


After the holidays, it can seem to feel that everything starts to pile on up, including your stress. Take a few minutes out of your day to let a special tea blend dissolve this stress. Lemon balm tea is the perfect winter warmer to take away your stress and anxiety.  Lemon balm tea has terpenes which cause a relaxing affect on your body. The enticing fragrance reduces your heart rate with an immediate effect to calm you down and rid you of stress.

Creative block

Indian chai tea has a knock on affect on your creativity. The complexity of this tea’s aromatic depth allows you to release your own creative flair. Both refreshing and delicious, chai tea allows your creativity to grow, perfect for any big thinking. Your mental performance can also be improved by green tea. Green tea is composed by polyphenols. These support brain cells to regulate learning and memory. These delicious teas give your brain a chance to focus.

Emotional pick-me-up

It is often difficult to control our emotions. They can easily get the better of us, especially the bad ones. When you’re feeling generally down in the dumps, the perfect tea blend can allow you to recuperate. Saffron tea is a great option when you’re feeling upset. Saffron affects serotonin in the brain. Its affect on your neurotransmitter can lift your mood and put you in a better place.

A cup of tea can do your world some wonders. Give your self time, and treat yourself to a myriad of different flavours. Allow yourself to indulge into your emotions and let them determine your flavour of tea. Just brew and sip upon the beautiful fragrances held within the cascading steam of your cup.