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Diwali Delights: What to eat during Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights celebrated throughout India and the Indian community around the world. This festival brings people together across different religions and different areas of India, united in the celebration of the sweetness of life. As with many Indian celebrations, there are many different foods that are enjoyed at this time that are both spiritual and act as the perfect way to unite everyone.


Mithai is the general word used for sweets in India. They tend to refer to very sweet fudge style sweets, but the selection can include any number of sweet treats. Similar to many culinary customs of India, the sweet selection tends to vary from region to region, however, common mithai include balushahi, laddoos, and barfis. Mithai boxes are often exchanged at presents during Diwali.

diwali mithai


diwali samosa

Samosas are enjoyed throughout the year, however, particularly at big celebrations such as Diwali. Try and make your own samosas with our cheat’s recipe with just 3 ingredients! If you feel like experimenting a bit more, Diwali is a celebration of sweetness so you can try and make some sweet ones.


With so many visitors for Diwali, it is customary to welcome them with celebratory and delicious food. Savoury snacks, also known as Namkeens, are the perfect choice at Diwali to keep everyone happy. Finding a good mixture of different snacks will appeal to everyone tastes. We have a large range of snacks available in our online shop with authentic flavours of India ready to dine on in the packet. View our snacks here.

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Aloo Tikki

aloo tikki

Aloo Tikki is a crisp and delicious potato fritter, spiced with iconic Indian flavours. This typical street food is often found during the festival of lights surrounded by an array of exciting chutneys. To find out chutneys that’ll work perfectly with your aloo tikki, read our perfect guide to perfectly pairing your condiments.