flavoured water

Drinking yourself healthy

Healthy living has seemingly become more ‘cool’ and accepted in society across all ages and genders. So it’s no surprise that there are more companies than ever promoting a healthier way of living.  From celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver to Youtube newcomers, many are jumping on the fitness band wagon, and you can do too with very simple little adjustments.

Back in 2016 the launch of the Nurtibullet was a big health craze. This new way of being able to blend pretty much anything together to create shop-bought standard smoothies in your own homes. Then, water bottles that let you create a variety of infused waters whenever you like, came into fashion. These healthy gadgets can give you exciting ways to get more fruit and vegetables into your diet in fun and creative ways, and in your own home, saving you money in the long run. Alongside these inventions have been the rise of online recipes and apps that allow you to create and explore flavour combinations for your morning smoothies or infused waters. For those of you who feel addicted to the sugars in fizzy drinks or cordials, using the healthier fruit sugars in your drinks trick your brain into thinking it’s still getting these un-natural sugars, aiding you to be healthier.

Start your morning right with a smoothie

The benefit of having a morning smoothie is that you can put pretty much anything you like in it.  If you’re not keen on a flavour of a certain fruit or vegetable, the additional fruit in the smoothie masks it. For example, kale isn’t the best tasting vegetable in the world but by adding it to your smoothie means you will get the benefits from it without really tasting it at all. Plus, you can drink your ‘breakfast’ on the go, perfect for all of us who don’t have the time to sit and eat most mornings, the most important meal of the day.

Add flavour to your water

A standard glass of freshly squeezed orange juice contains the juice of 4 oranges & over 240 calories, whereas 3 orange slices in infused water only contains 31 calories. So, why are infused waters so much more beneficial than fruit juices? Well, because the infused water is 99% water, it will keep you more hydrated than a fruit juice will and it doesn’t contain the high levels of fruit sugar and calories that the juices contain meaning it is healthier for you. There are various water bottles you can buy now from most large retailers or you can do it yourself with a large jug of water and some slices of your desired fruit. Simply slices the fruit of choice into the jug of plain water and leave to sit for at least 15 minutes, the longer the better. This will ensure the flavours of the fruits and the vitamins have time to seep out into your water giving it a lovely, delicious taste and full of goodness. Smoothies and flavoured waters are all about getting healthy with your own preferences in mind! Start off with recipes and then customize them to suit your own tastes. Soon you’ll be drinking yourself healthy without even knowing!