Exploring the joy of Punjab

Exploring the joy of Punjab

The North Indian region of Punjab is home to a stunning landscape adorned with wheat fields, yellow mustard blossoms, rice paddies and sugar cane. This picturesque area is also home to delicious delicacies.

The joy of the food of Punjab

The traditional cuisine of Punjab is heavily influenced by the agricultural lifestyle of the area, dating back to the Harappan Civilization. Naturally, the local grown products are key to shaping Punjabi cuisine. Punjab’s fertile land means that it is a major producer of wheat, rice, and dairy products. In fact, this area is a culinary treasure in both produce and flavour. Punjabi cuisine is often cooked with butter and ghee, giving many local curries a rich, spicy, and butter flavour. One of the most famous dishes from the area that represents the earthiness of Punjab is Dal Makhani, with trademark robust flavours.

Dal Makhani

It isn’t just the flavour of food that has pinned Punjab as a culinary gem, but also the way of cooking. The incredibly famous tandoori style of cooking originated here. Although the tandoor can be found throughout India, it has been traditionally associated with the Punjab region. In many rural areas, there are communal tandoors, known as kath tandoors in Punjabi.

Salt Punjab LassiThe Punjabi people are one of the largest consumers of dairy. In rural areas of the state, women would often rise at dawn to milk buffalos. This milk is then churned into butter and buttermilk. From this, a sweet dairy drink called lassi is often made. One of the beautiful things about creamy lassi is its ability to be completely customised to your flavour preferences, from sweet to savoury.

The joy of travelling in Punjab

The North Indian state spread across a wide variety of different cities and landscapes. Commonly known as the land of the five rivers, this luscious land is a beautiful place to discover. When discovering the beauty of this area, one key word that comes to mind is serenity. Many different cities in Punjab are spiritual hubs of various different religions. On the banks of the Beas River, there are over 80 shrines and temples built by Sikhs, Hindus, and Buddhists. Many people travel to particular areas such as Rishikesh, for spiritual enlightenment.

Punjab is the perfect place to experience the serene and delicious culture of India.