Cooking Indian Food

Finding the Confidence to Cook

Joe Pascoe tells Kohinoor about how his love of food hasn’t always translated to culinary skills until he found the confidence to cook with Kohinoor.

Before I joined Indo-European Foods, my culinary repertoire was limited. I wouldn’t often venture to exciting culinary adventures. My go-to ‘complicated’ meal at university was boiled gammon and chips. Although delicious, I must admit that it was the simplicity of just having to boil blindly that tempted me into this meal.

Although my initial cooking ability may seem relatively low, I’ve always been a self-confessed foodie. With the kitchen a no-go area for me, I would rely on dining out at restaurants to broaden my food horizons and satisfy my hunger for experimenting with new cuisines. I would endeavour to find the best version of my favourite recipes yet couldn’t replicate them at home.

However, this lack of confidence in cooking has been forgotten since I joined IEF. My experience of Indian cuisine has increased due to our vast selection of products that have taught me lots of things about regional dishes and cooking in general. On top of this, our New Products Development Chef, Navin Bhatia, is constantly experimenting with new recipes. No one can resist the smell of his dishes in the office and tasting sessions are always a delight.

The range of Kohinoor products took away the concept that Indian cooking is complicated. The finesse of spices and balancing flavours takes years of culinary expertise to perfect. However, the hard work is taken care of with Kohinoor. The simple cooking instructions make for easy preparation and cooking but deliver flavours that are authentic and powerful.

The sauces also give plenty of opportunities to customise to your tastes accordingly. Once I started to understand the aromas and flavours of the cooking sauces, I could start experimenting. These cooking sauces and side dishes gave me the illusion – to which I still believe – that I am a fantastic cook. I was choosing ingredients that work and pairing them together in a delicious combination.

Kohinoor has given me the confidence to cook and the ability to impress with it! They allow me to replicate restaurant quality recipes that I can enjoy at home without relying on anyone else.

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