kitchen smells

6 ways to get rid of kitchen smells

When you’ve been cooking up a storm, the heady and intoxicating aromas do no more then tempt you. Pre-empting the delicious flavour sensation, you can enjoy the beautiful smells around you. However, when the meal has been enjoyed, the kitchen cleaned, leftover food smells can often remain. At this point, the desire has been lost. You want a clean and fresh kitchen, without the lingering aromas. Getting rid of these unwanted kitchen smells can be difficult, as cooking aromas are often particularly pungent. Follow these top tips for minimising cooking odours.

Citrus peels

Sometimes the best form of defence is attack. With food odours, you can sometimes combat them with stronger and more pleasant aromas. Next time you use an orange or a lemon, remember to keep the peel. Then, when you want to freshen up your kitchen away from cooking odours, simply simmer the peels on the stove for an hour. This will give a gentler, fresher aroma and take away the scents you don’t want. 

Burnt toast

This might be one of the most surprising methods to freshen your kitchen from cooking odours. However, burning toast is one of the quickest solutions to ridding of unpleasant smells. If you burn a slice of bread in the toaster, it is one of the quickest scents to disperse, and takes away the previous odours before.

 Coffee Beans

Many people find it difficult to resist the strong, heady scents of freshly brewed coffee. It’s enough to get you out of bed in the morning, and ready to take on the day. However, after a long day of cooking, coffee beans also act as a great air freshener. Toast whole coffee beans on the stove, and within minutes their wafts will absorb any lingering smells.


This is a very easy process to consider whilst you’re cooking. The best way to avoid lingering odours is to try and avoid them stagnating in the kitchen. Opening windows is a good start, especially if you can use a fan. Using a vent above your stove or air conditioners are great. Always remember to keep the ventilation filters clean otherwise the grease can build up and make the odours even worse.

Close your doors

If you often find your cooking odours are permeating into other rooms in your house, you need to keep the doors closed. Fabrics tend to hold onto cooking smells for a much longer time than other materials.

Get quick on the cleaning

This might seem like a rather obvious choice to get rid of lingering smells, however, it can often seem the most laborious. What’s really key is getting some utensils into soak. Chopping boards, in particular, are very important. Wooden chopping boards especially tend to absorb cooking smells so try and soak them as soon as possible overnight, and let them dry naturally the next day, to wash those odours away.

If you have any top tips for clearing all cooking odours, tell us in the comments below.