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Health Trends for 2018

Welcome to the new year! Now is the perfect time to pay attention to your health and fitness. Keep on trend with our top health trends for 2018.

The power of spices

Healing spices are set to become increasingly more important. Spices will start to be incorporated into more than the food you expect. Start to use these aromatics in your drinks, such as cinnamon or turmeric in your morning smoothie. Turmeric lattes started to hit the scene last year, but will become more prevalent. Spices add an incredible flavour to your food without ding calories, and increase your antioxidants! Adaptogenic herbs and spices have the ability to remedy inflammation and chronic stress thus aiding your physical and mental wellbeing.

Sprouting Goodness

Sprouting and fermented foods are set to be one of the biggest superfoods of 2018. Sprouting essentially means to germinate seeds, nuts, or grains. When this happens the nutrients are more available for your body to intake. If you suffer from digestive problems, this is especially good as they’re very easy to digest.

Forget kale, think clay

Edible clay may sound like a bizarre idea, but apparently this will be the next big thing. Although primarily thought of for pots and face masks, bentomite clay has incredible healing properties and can be eaten, although in moderation. Just one teaspoon in water can help the body detox and purify. Bentonite clay can cleanse you internally, remove any toxins and help balance your microbiotic system.

Floral Flavours

It has been more common in the recent years to see floral notes in high-end food, particularly desserts. These flavours will start to become more available for daily cooking. You’ll start to see botanicals in snacks and drinks. These flowers aren’t all frivolity. When infused in tea, the hibiscus flower has inspiring health properties including the ability to lower blood pressure, ease stomachaches and can help your metabolism.

All in a bowl

Bowl foods have filled our Instagram feeds, but have been slow to pick up on our dinner tables. This is set to change in 2018 in terms of big health trends. Recipes will start to become more accessible for everyday cooking in a bowl. Eating in bowls tends to focus on healthier food with better portion control. Bowl foods are fresh and healthy yet fit into our busy lifestyles.