Health Trends

Health Trends for 2019

With the New Year, many people are looking to start the year with a healthy mindset. In 2019, there are many new and upcoming health and wellness trends to try.

Pro for Probiotics

Fermented foods have seen an increased over the last couple of years. In 2019, this trend will only grow considering how rich they are in probiotics. Although the research into the advantages of probiotics is fairly new, many people believe that this health movement is great and supplement them into their diets. This year, you may see probiotic ingredients being added to kitchen staples such as butter, nutrition bars, and granola.

Plant-based foods

You may have seen the rise of vegetarianism, veganism, and even flexitarianism. Generally, more people are trying to eat less meat. There has also been an influx of more faux meat products. Meatless ‘meat’ simply used to be veggie burgers, however, in 2019 you’ll see more variations and innovations within this area. Expect to see faux meat snacks more readily available such as ‘pork’ rinds and ‘bacon’ snacks. If you want to try to eat less meat, choose Kohinoor products, which are all vegan friendly

Healthy Fats

The term ‘fat’ has become problematic for those trying to be healthy. Although seemingly negative, there are many ‘good fats’ that more people will involve into they diets. Good fats such as ghee, which is prominent in Indian cooking, will become a big trend. This also coincides with many of the trending diets such as keto and paleo.

Flavours of the Ocean

Ocean-inspired flavours will be taking over the heath trends this year. Seaweed snacks have started to appear recently, however, this is set to grow. Packed with omega-3, snacks such as seaweed, kelp, and fish is a great healthy choice. This also works with experimentation into pacific food with foods such as dried shrimp and cuttlefish becoming a big inspiration in 2019.

Food for Thought

There have been many new studies going into the effect food can have on your brain. In 2019, the big trend will be involving more of these ‘brain foods’ into your diet. These include beetroots ,avocados, leafy greens, and more fish. Coconut oil will also be used for cooking as a brain-conscious alternative. This foods are believed to improve brain function, health, and memory.