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Health & Wellness Trends

It’s the start of the new year and the perfect time to get back on track with your health and wellness. Try these new trends, set to be the big thing for health and wellness this year.

Digital Detox

It’s no surprise that we are spending more time on our phones, tablets, and computers. As a society, we are becoming obsessed with our digital devices, so although they’re amazing, but they can also have a negative impact on our lives and health. For the sake of general wellbeing and mental health, more people will be considered taking breaks from our smartphones with a digital detox.

Blue Mindfulness

Blue Mindfulness looks into how water based activities can change our physical and mental health. Blue mindfulness looks to harness the power of water to sooth and calm our bodies and souls, even with extreme activities such as wild swimming and surfing!

Kundalini Yoga

Yoga has been around in centuries and in the last couple of decades has seen a surge of popularity. Kundalini Yoga is a mixture of Bhakti Yoga, Shakti Yoga, and Raja Yoga. The term ‘Kundalini’ means ‘coiled one’ in Sanskrit and refers to the life force energy at the base of your spine. The premise of Kundalini Yoga focuses on releasing this energy and unlocking your full potential. It consists of chanting, breathwork, mudras, and physical postures to be a complete transformative experience.

Home Fitness

As a society, we are focused on becoming healthier and fitter; however, this shouldn’t just be about going to the gym. Get fit but make it work for you by staying at home. There’s been a whole range of at-home fitness sytems that are becoming more and more popular.

Plant-Based Goodness

Meat-free Monday, veganism, and more plant-based awareness is taking the nation by storm. In fact, plant-based goodness is becoming increasingly advanced with meat-less burgers, faux eggs, and even vegan fish!

Mindful Snacking

The term health and wellness might seem like a ‘diet’; however, intuitive eating is the best way to truly respect your body. This include mindful snacking. Mindful snacking is all about listening to what your body needs and eating when required – but eat well. Prepare your snacks. It’ll save money and help you stay healthy.