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Hidden treasures in central India

Central India is a paradise of hidden treasures for the history fanatics, archaeology lovers and artists. Filled with opulent palaces and majestic forts, the central region of India holds a deep rooted and colourful history.


Madhya Pradesh is an incredible central Indian state combining the wild natural scenes with a deep-rooted history. Within Madhya Pradesh lies Panna, the city of Diamonds. Panna is particularly known for three primary things: its diamonds, the national park and its ancient temples. Panna encapsulates a fusion of Hindu-Muslim styles of architecture amongst natural spectacles. The waterfalls adorning Panna are breath-taking. Panna is also a very spiritual region within central India. Home to numerous temples including the famous Khajuraho group, Panna hosts great religious importance to the Pranami religion. Whether you want to indulgeA waterfall near Panna Bypass 1 in the shrines of cultural importance, or visit to homes of a variety of animal species, Panna is a wonderful destination within the central.


Orchha is a historical small town, whose name literally translates into ‘hidden place’. Located in Madhya Pradesh, Orchha is off the beaten track for many tourists. Orchha is an extremely laid back and idyllic destination for your discovery, wrapping history with pastoral countryside. Located on the Betwa River, there are chapters of ancient history held within the monuments, palaces and temples. Originally the capital of the Bundela Rajput kings, Orchha contains three palaces. Each palace was built by a succession of Maharajas and formed a complex fort of Rajput architecture. Now this medieval city has been preserved perfectly in time, retaining the original grandeur of the city and its mystical history. If you’re looking for moments of peace and reflection, choose Panna for your next Indian destination.

Orchha Central India

Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves were the lost caves, holding a hidden sanctuary for nearly 1,500 years. Only known by the wild animals habituating around, the stunning riches of Ajanta Caves is the embodiment of art, architecture and contemplation. Ajanta Caves are spectacularly located in a pass in the Vindhya Hills. In 1819, British soldiers on a tiger hunt stumbled on this series of remarkable caves, revealing a treasure trove of Buddhist art dated from 2nd century BC to 7th century AD. These wall paintings revitalise the Buddhist stories in vibrant colours. The serene and spellbinding architecture and the compelling beauty of the wall paintings elevate Ajanta to ethereal levels.

ajanta caves


Bhopal is an interesting location in central India split with a bipolarity between old and new town. The city dates back to the 11th century. It was created by Raja Bhoj after he built a dam. This dam is incredibly significant in the beauty of Bhopal: the lakes. It is home to seven lakes and seven mountains, a national museum, theatres and one of the largest electrical industries. As the capital of Madhya Pradesh, it is the crux of India. Bhopal is also known for its many castles, built under British rule. For a laid-back rush of the city, Bhopal should be on your list of destinations to visit in central India.

bhopal central india

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