Spiti Valley North India

Hidden treasures of North India

North India is a beautiful part of the country, full of cultural gems, hidden getaways and is the perfect location for adventure enthusiasts. It is an exotic land of history, wilderness, spiritualism. If your favourite North Indian destination is missing from our list, tell us where you love in India in the comments below!


Ladakh North India

Ladakh is the epitome of a once in the lifetime experience. Often referred to as ‘little Tibet’, Ladakh is home to a high altitude cold desert that will leave you breathless. In fact, the entire landscape of Ladakh is breathtaking. The mesmerising mountainous terrain offsets the snow capped mountains. Ladakh literally translates into ‘land of high passes’. Ladakh features the beautiful and scientifically astounding gravity hill. Peaking at 11,000 feet above sea level, the gravity hill is an optical illusion, that’ll make you believe you’re going uphill instead of down! Ladakh is remote, rugged and beautiful and certainly worth a visit.


Sikkim North India

Sikkim is on the most unexplored places in the North East region of India, giving it a sense of mystery. An ethereal sight nevertheless, with the back drop of the mighty Himalayas fighting for your attention against the rapid Teesta river. The wonder of Sikkim lies in its diversity. With Buddhist monasteries, cascading waterfalls, Himalayan treks, peaceful lakes and lush valleys, majestic waters and even caves, there’s something for everyone! Whether you are seeking peace or adventure, Sikkim is the perfect destination.


Meghalaya North India

One of the most interesting and intriguing locations in the North east of Indian is Meghalaya. Fairly close to Assam, Meghalaya is a state where women own the land. This is one of the only places in the world with a matrilineal system. Here, families take the mother’s surname and the wife naturally owns the land. Meghalaya isn’t often frequented by many tourists, making it the perfect hidden treasure. Not only is this location a wonder sociologically, it’s landscape is also beautiful. Surrounded by rainforests, living roast bridge, wildlife sanctuaries and an entire community based on ecotourism, Meghalaya should certainly be on your to-do list.

Spiti Valley  

Ki Monastery

Spiti Valley is a minituare paradise located within Himachal Pradesh. It’s located 12,500 feet above sea level and is both a historical and natural monument. Spiti Valley is the largest district in India that shares its border with Tibet. It is home to stunning mountain ranges, snow dusted peaks and some of the oldest monasteries. Key Monastery and Tabo Monastery are both in Spiti valley. They are some of the oldest, and reputably, most beautiful monasteries in the world. These monsasteries are often favoured by the Dalai Lama.


Khajjiar North India

Khajjiar is another stunning area in North India, fondly nicknames the mini Switzerland of India. It is a hill station in the Chamba District of Himchal Pradesh. Khajjiar is sometimes referred to as the mini Switzerland of India. There is a charming touch to Khajjiar as a haven of greenery. Dense pine trees and the Deodar forests surround Khajjiar creating an idyllic pastoral scene. Part of the unique experience of Khajjiar is its unique eco system. The combination of lakes, pastures and forests create a truly different aesthetic within the bustle of India.

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