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How to Enjoy Indian Food and be Healthy

Kohinoor Cooking Sauces 

Our cooking sauces are plant-based and vegan friendly, as well as having no additives, preservatives, or MSG – so you know you’re eating goodness. Some of our cooking sauces have under 150 calories per serving, so you can keep the joy of flavour and not worry too much about the calories. If you want to keep it really low-calorie, choose to add vegetables or low -fat protein. Our sauces are very versatile, so would work well with most additions. Our lower calorie range includes Punjabi Karahi, Calcutta Jalfrezi, Chilli Paneer, Hyderabad Haleem, and Keralan Coconut Moilee. 

Kohinoor’s Meals in Minutes

Our tasty range of meals in minutes make cooking easier than ever. Dive into classic Indian dishes ready in just 2 minutes, with an authentic taste you won’t be able to resist. Every side dish we have is under 200 calories per 100g serving. In fact, most of our dishes are under 100 calories per 100g serving so you know you don’t have to spend a long time in the kitchen to enjoy a healthy and flavoursome meal. 

Be Careful of Your Additions

Whether you’re cooking from scratch or using Kohinoor’s range of cooking sauces, the easiest way to keep healthy with your Indian cooking is to use healthy ingredients! When making Indian food, the unhealthy additions can soon add up with cream, chutney, rice, and sometimes naan as well! Make sure your portions are healthy and always boost your cooking with as many vegetables as possible. Choose tomato-based sauces and add vegetable Side dishes rather than being tempted by those delicious deep-fried treats such as pakoras and bhajis. 

When it comes to being healthy, remember it’s all about balance! 

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Enjoy the tasty and healthy range of cooking sauces and side dishes available with Kohinoor.