Traditional Indian breakfast

Indian breakfast ideas you need to try

Indian cuisine is king of heat and flavour around the world. Our curries, rice, street food, and snacks are famous. However, Indian cuisine also owes itself to more than just a curry. We’ve brought together some of our favourite Indian breakfast ideas that you need to try! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we never hold back on flavour and diversity. Forgot the toast and try some of these meals for your first meal of the day.


Poha is a typical Western Indian breakfast dish. Poha is the Maharashtrian word for flattened or beaten rice. Poha is a hearty dish to prepare you for your working day ahead. There are lots of different variants of poha, but the basic ones tend to include onions and potatoes.

Cooked Poha Indian Breakfast


Uttapam is a traditional South Indian breakfast delicacy. Uttapam is quite similar to a dosa, however, a dosa is crisp and often filled where uttapam is a thick pancake batter with toppings. Like many Indian breakfasts, uttapam is quick, easy, filling, and healthy. This unique pancake style filled with delicious vegetables and spices should be crispy on the outside with a fluffy and light inside. Common toppings for uttapam include peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, chilli, and sweet corn. It’s all about finding your favourites through experimentation!

Uttapam Indian Breakfast

Dal Ka Paratha

The Dal Ka Paratha is one of the most common breakfast recipes in India. The wonderful thing about it is that it requires very little work and uses up your leftovers! If you’ve got a little bit of Dal leftover and never sure what to do with it, try a Dal Ka Paratha. For the first meal of the day, it’ll give you flavour, protein, and energy. A paratha is an Indian flat bread. To make a Dal Ka Partha, the leftover lentils are stuffed in the paratha mixture before they’re griddled. The Dal Ka Paratha is a particularly popular breakfast dish in the Punjab region.

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Oats Idli

Oats Idli is an incredibly healthy and nutritious breakfast choice. The great thing about oats idli is that they’re packed fill with fibre, and are very filling. They will certainly keep your energy up for an action packed day. Idlis can be made with almost anything, from oats to rava (a type of semolina). Essentially, these savoury steamed ‘cakes’ are the sustenance you need in the morning, however, a dip is required for some flavour! It’s completely up to you what you’d like to enjoy your idli with, and the favourite choice ranges depending on region throughout India. Some of our favourite choices are an spicy onion chutney or a sambar, which is a lentil based stew with a tangy tamarind flavour.

Oats idli


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What to drink with your breakfast? Well, it simply has to be an authentic Indian chai! Although it is often referred to as ‘chai tea’, this would be incorrect as chai is Hindi for tea. Chai is often enjoyed twice a day in India: once for breakfast and then for afternoon tea. Tea is so popular in India as the warmth triggers the body to cool itself. The blend of sweet spices fills you with aromatics and plenty of vigour to face the day.

Give time to yourself in the morning to enjoy your breakfast. Sit down, don’t rush, and give yourself some flavours with our favourite Indian morning dishes!