Indian vegetables

Indian Vegetables You Have To Try

Indian cuisine has los of different vegetable dishes and actually has one of the highest percentages of vegetarianism globally. There is also a vast array of different vegetables that are commonly used in Indian cooking. Discover some of our favourites.


Tindora is a small vegetable filled with white flesh and seeds, mimicking the look of a cucumber. This vegetable is crunch and juicy with the seeds with a bitter aftertaste. Tindora is incredibly versatile as it is added to curries, stir fries and is often the main ingredient in chutneys. It can even be eaten raw in salad, but we’d recommend a dressing to reduce the bitter aftertaste. It’s flavours work particularly well with ginger, garlic, chilli, coconut and coriander.


Snake Beans

snake bean

This vegetable has lots of different names including long bean, snake bean, and asparagus bean. It is an extremely long pod that is a variety of the cow pea. Reaching up to 75 centimetres, the crisp and tender pods can be eaten fresh or cooked. Often when they’re cooked, they will be sliced up into short sections and served in sour sauces such as mustard and lime.

Bitter Melon

The name bitter melon may be deceiving as the vegetable neither looks nor tastes like melons we know. The greener, less ripe fruits are perfect for cooking. Avoid the thick, waxy skin of this vegetable by peeling it and revealing the tasty flesh. You can stuff it, steam it, or fry it and benefit from lots of healthy properties including the diabetes aiding abilities.

bitter melon



Okra is commonly known in India as bhindi or colloquially as lady’s fingers. This fuzzy vegetable contains rows of seeds that release a thick and sticky liquid when chopped and cooked. The flavour is subtle therefore this vegetable pairs perfectly with powerfully spicy ingredients.


Fenugreek can be used as a spice with the seed or also as a vegetable with the leaves. It is known as ‘methi’ in Indian cuisine and adds a bright vibrant colour, for example, in our hariyali methi cooking sauce. Adding fenugreek to your cooking creates an exotically aromatic flavour to any dish.


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