Lucknow Lamb Biryani


Head Chef Navin Bhatia has created an amazing aromatic Lucknow Lamb Biryani recipe that will be challenging for some, but the reward is undeniably delicious.


Diced Lamb (Preferably on the bone) – 600gms

Basmati Rice – 400gms

Ginger Paste – 2tsp

Garlic Paste – 2tsp

White Onions Sliced – 200gms

Oil – 50ml

Butter Ghee – 50gms

Red Chilli pdw – 1tsp

Coriander pwd – 1tsp

Cumin pwd – 1/2tsp

Fennel Powder – 1/2tsp

Green Cardamom pwd – 1/2tsp

Mace pwd – 1/4tsp

Spice for lamb – 4 Green Cardamom; 2” piece of cinnamon; 1 piece of mace; 4 no. cloves

Spice for rice – 2 green cardamom; 4 No. cloves; 2 No. bayleaf

Yoghurt – 100gms

Milk – 150ml

Kewra flower water – 10ml

Rose water – 10ml

Saffron (soak in 20ml of water) – 1/4gm

Yellow food colour liquid – 5ml

Salt – to taste


  • Heat oil in a thick bottom pan, add the sliced onions and fry till golden brown, remove the onions on a kitchen towel and keep aside for use later.
  • Wash the rice in lukewarm water a few times and allow to soak for 30 minutes.
  • In the hot oil add the spices for the lamb, when they crackle add the lamb and keep frying till pieces are lightly brown, add ginger and garlic paste, fry for a few minutes, add whisked yoghurt, chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, fennel power and salt to taste, add about 100ml of water and half of the brown onion, cover the pan and allow the lamb to cook on slow fire.
  • Keep stirring and check the lamb after 30 minutes of slow cooking, it should be almost done, add milk, half of the cardamom and mace power and allow the sauce to reduce.
  • In another pan keep 2 litres of water to boil, add the spices for the rice and 1tsp of salt, bring to boil and add the washed soaked and drained basmati rice, cook for 6 minutes and then drain the rice in a sieve to remove all moisture, at this time rice is about 75% cooked.
  • Checked the lamb is cooked and the sauce has reduced, add the rest of cardamom and mace powder, kewra flower water, rose water and butter ghee.
  • Add the cooked rice on top of the lamb, sprinkle with yellow food colour as well as saffron water, sprinkle the remaining fried brown onion on top of the rice.
  • Cover the rice with paper kitchen towels and a lid, keep on high heat for 5 minutes, reduce the heat to very low and allow the rice to get streamed for 15 minutes.
  • An aromatic biryani is done, mix and serve accompanied with red onion mint raita.