mango cardamom syllabub

Mango & cardamom lassi syllabub recipe

This delicious post curry dessert takes the traditional yoghurt based drink of Lassi and fuses with an old English ‘pud’. Rich, creamy and deliciously healthy, it’s an easy dessert to prepare ahead of time! 


400ml Greek Yoghurt
2 Mangoes (1 chopped to a pulp, 1 chopped diced in 1cm cubes)
Half a tsp Ground Cardamom
60g Clear Runny Honey, plus extra for drizzling


  • In a bowl combine the greek yogurt, crushed mango, cardamom and honey
  • Spoon the yogurt mix into 2 tall glasses and top with the freshly diced mango
  • Drizzle with more honey
  • Leave to cool and set in the fridge
  • Enjoy cold for a refreshing taste after dinner!