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Kohinoor is very excited to announce new products have been added to our Cooking Sauces and Meals in Minutes ranges. Discover new tastes, flavour combinations, and Indian dishes that you’ve never tried before. Taste authentic Indian food in your own kitchen with Kohinoor.

Chilli Paneer

chilli paneer

Chilli Paneer is spicy stir fry sauce flavoured with bell peppers, soya sace, and garlic. This delicious sauce was originally created by the Hakka Chinese and can be traced back to 18th century Calcutta. Paneer is often used with this cooking sauce, however, it also goes incredibly well with vegetables.

Punjabi Karahi

chicken karahi

The Karahi sauce originates in Northwest India. It is a robust combination of onion and tomato that is expertly spiced with chilli and ginger creating its distinctive hot flavour. This dish is traditionally cooked in a stir-fry style in a thick iron wok called a Karahi, hence the name. Try it today with soft and tasty naan.

Keralan Coconut Moilee

seafood curry

Kohinoor’s Coconut Moilee cooking sauce is an aromatic and rich blend of coconut and spiced featuring tomatoes, coriander, and tangy tamarind. This dish is a staple in the Southern Indian state of Kerala and is known locally as ‘Meen moilee’. To balance the soft flavours of this cooking sauce, it works perfectly with seafood served on a bed of basmati rice.

Hyderabad Haleem

haleem cooking sauce

This stew style sauce is popular throughout the Middle East, central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. The Haleem sauce is a hearty and delicious combination of wheat, barley, and lentils that is flavoured with a mixture of aromatic spices.

Dal Palak

dal palak

Our dal palak is tasty with flavours of fresh spinach, garlic, and cumin. Traditionally, it is a seasonal dish from the North Indian states. You’ll often find dal palak accompanied with roti from the tandoor, creating the perfect comfort food dish.



Sambar is a typical staple of Indian cooking particularly in the southern states of India. It is toor dal cooked with vegetables and flavoured with mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chilli. You can use this toor dal as a tasty side dish with rice or even as a dip for dosas.

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