rainy day activities

Fun rainy day activities for your children

It’s finally the summer holidays! Your kids are home, and school-free for a number of weeks. There are plenty of things to do normally, however, it gets a bit trickier with the weather! The British summer is notorious for temperamental weather, so we’ve compiled a list of the best activities to do with your children on rainy days!


Taking your children to the library can seem like an activity where they might get bored, however, it’s a great way to introduce some ‘reading for fun’ ideas. Also, put some research into what’s happening at your local library. Many libraries put on different events for children including performances and story-tellings.


Museums are also a great way to have fun with your children on a rainy day. Further, most museums are free, so it’s even better! Lots of museums have a wonderful range of interactive activities and exhibitions. You’re bound to find the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your family.

Treasure Hunt

Creating a treasure hunt does require some planning beforehand, but the fun that your children will have, will make it all worth it! Come up with a surprise at the end, and work your way backwards from here. The clues can be absolutely anything, and completely customised to your family! Try some inside jokes, riddles, or even poems. What’s even better is that you can task your children with creating you a treasure hunt after theirs!   

Make a den

Sometimes when it’s raining, a cosy day is all that you and your children want. However, this doesn’t have to mean sitting on the sofa in front of the television. Create the perfect den with your children. Making a cosy fort is one of the easiest ways to spend time with your children. All you need are a few bits and pieces lying around your home: lots of pillows, sheets, cuddly toys and some lamps and you’re sorted!

Arts and Crafts

This may be the messiest activity on the list, but one of the best things about this one is that you and your children will have some great keepsakes! There are lots of different arts and crafts you can do, and completely dependent on what your family enjoy doing and what you have to hand! Some of our favourite ideas include customising a plain t-shirt, making rockets out of cardboard and plastic bottles, and puppet making (all you need are some old socks!).


Is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked goods? Children love baking, and love eating the results! We have some delicious baking recipes on our website. If your children love chocolate, try this cookie recipe. We also have a very easy and tasty lemon cake recipe, or if you think a savoury bake might be better, try this bread recipe (a little more complicated).

Rainy day walks

Sometimes it’s just best to embrace the rain! Getting a little soggy never hurt anyone, and who doesn’t love jumping into puddles? If you do take a walk in the rain make sure you and your children are prepared. You’ll need wellies and a raincoat. When you get back home, remember to make sure everyone has a nice and hot shower and then a bowl of curry to warm everyone through. This butter chicken recipe is a guaranteed family favourite.