Spice up your Burger

The burger is a classic summer dish and there have been many different variations on how to make the perfect burger. We love to add some Indian inspired treats to our burgers for an extra special bite to your barbecue. What makes your perfect burger? Tell us in the comments.

Spiced Burger 

Spicing up the patty of your burger is the easiest way to inject Indian flavours into a burger. Create a dry spice blend to add to your mince. We would recommend combining cayenne, cumin, and ground coriander as a base for your Indian burger.

Indian Inspired Chips

Burgers typically come with lots of delicious sides, namely, chips. Whether you like potatoe wedges or thin frites, you can spice up the taste with your seasoning. By creating a quick masala and dusting the spice blend on your chips, they’ll be simply irresistible. Even better dipped into chutney or raita.

Spicy Onion Chutney 

Fried onions are a classic topping to any burger. In Indian and South Asian cooking, it is often to serve little accompaniments to match curries and flatbreads. A spiced onion chutney filled with aromatic spices can be a great addition to a burger. Instead of a relish choose an Indian onion chutney instead. There is a traditional Sri Lankan relish called seeni sambol that would be a great choice as it is sweet onion slowly cooked with curry leaves, tamarind, and cinnamon.

Chilli Cheese Topping

Cheese and chilli is a tasty combination by pairing the chilli heat and creamy cheese. What’s even better is there are many different types of cheese that incorporate chilli into the maturing process. Adding this to your burger and melting will create a scrumptious flavour.

Naan Burger Bun 

One of the primary components of a burger is the bun. The bread sandwiches together to meat, toppings, and garnish. It’s the perfect tool for eating this family favourite. Using a naan instead of the traditional bread roll is a unique twist on the barbecue classic. You can also use flavoured naans for an additional Indian inspired taste. Try our Garlic and Coriander naans for your burger here.