Christmas is a beautiful time of year. Families come together and gather in homes. With so many people, it can be rather important to keep your house smelling wonderful. With Christmas being a time for nostalgia, scents can bring this out rather potently. There are some key aromas of Christmas that keep everyone in festive cheer.

Fresh aromas of nature

One of the most evocative aromas of Christmas time is pine. The smell of Christmas trees flood homes across the country in early December. With wreaths adorning doors, holly and mistletoe dotted around the home, and much more, the evergreen smells are in abundance. You can achieve this robust scent by decorating your home with the fresh herbs, firs, and pines. Within your kitchen, you can rub together herbs such as rosemary and sage then leave to soak in water for beautiful aromatics.

Scents of winter fruits

The zesty addition of aromatics in your home is undoubtedly inviting. It is a burst of vibrancy that is simply irresistible. Imbue your rooms with deep scents of winter fruits cut with reviving citrus. Look for candles with festive scents of juniper, mandarin, or plums that’ll conjure up nostalgic emotions of coziness that are able to defrost the chilly months.

Warmth of spice

Christmas spices are full of the heady spice aromatics, including cinnamon, anise, and cloves. Like a bubbling brew of mulled wine, these scents are the flagship of yuletide. Balance the headiness with the sweet smell of vanilla. The amalgamation of these two create an attractive fragrance. Accentuate this smell throughout your home by warming pot-pourri with robust spice on the stove. Keep the warmth gentle fox a simply intoxicating aroma. If you would like to discover how to make your own pot-pourri, click here. It’s a great way to customise it exactly to your liking.

How do you achieve a Christmas smell during the festive season? Tell us your tips and advice below in the comments.