barbecue tips

Tips for the perfect barbecue

If the sun is out, now is your opportunity for a barbecue! Sunny summer evenings with smoky delicious dinners are what we dream of! We’ve gathered some of our favourite tips to stop barbecues being just cremated sausages and bland burgers!

The right fuel

It can be easy just to chuck on any charcoal you find from your local petrol station onto the barbecue, but being a bit more prepared will have a real impact on the food. Spend some time looking into different types of charcoal, and even some additions! If you want to add some really smoky and sweet tones, you can add some wood chips to the charcoal. If you decide to do this, soak the wood chips before to make sure they last.

Timing is everything

If you’re having guests over, timing is everything. The barbecue can be laborious, and you have to stay with it to make sure your food doesn’t burn! Be patient with the flames and don’t put everything on at once. Things will cook at different times and having different resting needs, so work about a little schedule beforehand to create a smooth and easy barbecue!

Get the temperature right

Regulating your barbecue temperature can be difficult. The best way to do this is to split your coals giving you an area with direct heat and an area with indirect heat. This can also be possible if your barbecue has a rack system with moveable grills. If you only keep your barbecued foods on the high heat, you’ll end up with burnt rather than chargrilled.

Don’t forget the veg

It’s easy to leave the main deal on the barbecue to be meat, and let your vegetables to rest on the side with the salads. However, give your vegetarian guests something to get excited about. Choose hardy and robust veg to grill and give them a delicious smoky flavour.


Remember, just because you’re barbecuing does not mean that you can forget flavour! Be as adventurous on the grill as you would be in the kitchen. Give the different meats plenty of time to marinade, preferably overnight. This will give you maximum flavour. For a quick marinade, use some of our cooking sauces and leave the meat to rest and absorb our authentic, Indian spices.

What’s your top barbecue tip? Tell us in the comments below