Traditional Indian Drinks You Need to Try

Across India, there are some delicious drinks that are perfect for different seasons. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing beverage or a creamy infusion, there are many Indian drinks that you need to try.


Thandai is also known as sardai. The name, Thandai, can be translated from Hindi to ‘acool and refreshing drink’. It’s a delicious cold drink that is made with almonds, fennel seeds, rose petals, melon seeds, cardamom, saffron, milk, and sugar. There are many different variations of the Thandai that can differentiate based on personal preferences and regional areas. Thandai originated from Northern India and Rajasthan. It’s commonly associated with celebrations such as Holi festival.thandai


lassiLassi is one of the most famous Indian drinks. This delicious and cooling yoghurt drink is popular throughout the country. Lassi can be either sweet or salty. The sweet style lassi can be flavoured with rose, saffron, and fruit. Salted lassi, however, is often flavoured with rich spices such as cumin. One of the most popular variations in the heat of India tends to be Mango lassi.

Nimbu Pani

Nimbu Pani is an Indian variation on lemonade. It’s the perfect street food/drink on thestreets of Mumbai to combat the heat in the summer. It’s an instantly refreshing and energising drink. Different areas of India have there own variation on nimbu pani. In North India it is referred to as Shikanji and is spiced with cumin and ginger.Nimbu Pani

Aam Panna

aam pannaAam Panna is a refreshing and zingy drink perfect for warm climates. It’s one of the healthiest drinks on this list as it is rich in minerals and vitamins. It’s prepared using raw green mangoes, sugar, and many different spices for flavour. Many in India consider this drinks to be a tonic that can help your body fight against tuberculosis, anaemia, cholera, and dysentery. However, above all of this the taste is simply irresistible.

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