What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is essentially a science of life that was developed in India in the Vedic culture over 3,000 years ago. Its purpose is to align mind, body, and soul in a balance in order to allow for healing. A vedic science, in the same thought process as yoga, it aims to rid of illusion and allow the mind to become free.

Ayurveda has two main guiding principles: the mind and the body are inextricably connected and the best way to heal and transform the body is through the mind. This ancient homeopathic lifestyle promotes herbal compounds, special dietary requirements and unique health practices. However, all of these practices are unique and personalised to your body. Understanding your mind-body type leads to optimal choices concerning diet, exercise, supplements, and all other aspects of your lifestyle.

How to live according to Ayurveda

Eat well, live well

In order to create a healthy body and mind, you must nourish your body well. There are 6 distinct Ayurvedic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, pungent, and astringent. If you incorporate these tastes into your meals, you will represent all major food groups and nutrients. Ayurveda teaches that good health is dependent on your body’s capability to metabolise nutritional, emotional, and sensory information. When your agni (digestive energy) works well you produce ojas, which are the source of vitality.

Rest up

According to Ayurvedic beliefs, when we sleep and rest, our body heals itself. If you’re not having a restful night’s sleep, you’ll disrupt your body’s balance, weakness the immune system, and can speed up the ageing process! You should be getting around 6-8 hours sleep a night in order to feel revitalised and energised in the morning. Stop feeling groggy and start to feel balanced. For tips on a great night’s sleep, click here.

Living in tune

The concept of being ‘in tune’ in Ayurveda is very important. Firstly, one must be living in tune with nature. This has a very specific meaning in Ayurvedic beliefs. Living in tune with natures means that you have healthy desires that match what you actually need. When you’re in balance, you naturally desire only that which nurtures your health and life. This means that you flow in harmony with your body by being restful, nourish yourself, and feed your senses. To comply with ayurvedic beliefs, you also need to be in tune with your body. You should be listening to what your body says, how it signals and expresses itself. You body is natural and guides you towards the most natural and evolutionary choices.