coriander rice

5 South Indian Rice Dishes To Try

Rice is an absolute staple in India, however, it’s enjoyed in many different ways. From breakfast to dinner, rice in South India is enhanced with lots of different flavours to become more than just an accompaniment.


tamarind rice

Puliyogare is essentially tamarind rice and is a celebratory dish for festive occasions. In many temples in South India, it is often served as a ‘Prasad’, which is an offering to devotional Gods. There is a strong mix of spices as well as the distinctive tangy tamarind flavour.

Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice make a regular appearance in lunch boxes around South india. its a delicious way to create a quick fix for rice satisfaction. All that’s required is the juice of 2 lemons and spices to temper such as turmeric, curry leaves, and mustard seeds, so you can mix it with leftover rice.

Karuvapellai Satham

coriander rice

Don’t let the name daunt you! This rice is flavoured with curry leaves so its both healthy and delicious! This is a popular mix rice in Tamil Nadu. If you don’t have curry leaves, substitute with coriander for a bright green version!

Brinji Rice

rice dish

Brinji rice has been a dish in Tamil Nadu longer than biryani! The dish is named after the brinji leaf which is a bay leaf in Tamil. This rice is influenced in Mughal cuisine and is characterised by the use of coconut milk for its rich flavour and aroma.

Curd Rice

curd rice recipe

We wouldn’t typically think about mixing yoghurt and rice together, but it’s simply delicious and quite common in South India. The great thing with curd rice is that you can change the flavours depending on whether you fancy it sweet with fruit or spicy with chilli.