Blackberry and cardamom ice cream recipe

Blackberry and cardamom easy ice cream recipe

Enjoying a scoop of delicious homemade ice cream in the summer is perfect for a refreshing taste. The cardamom adds a citrusy warmth to the sharp tang of the blackberries.

Prep time 1 hour
Freeze time 4 hours
Makes 1L


300g blackberries
50g sugar
300ml double cream
1 397g can condensed milk
2 teaspoons cardamom pods


  • Place the blackberries and the sugar into a pan and cook on a medium heat for around 10 minutes, until the sugar has dissolved and the blackberries have gone all mushy
  • Put the blackberry mixture into a bowl and leave to cool completely
  • Spoon half the cream and the cardamom pods into the same pan you have just used and place on a low heat
  • When the cream starts to bubble slightly turn the heat off and leave it to cool completely
  • When the cream has cooled, remove the cardamom pods
  • Place the infused cream and the remaining cream into a large bowl with the condensed milk
  • Whisk until the mixture forms soft peaks
  • Ripple the cooled blackberries through the cream and condensed milk mixture
  • Decant the rippled blackberry cream into a Tupperware or an old ice cream tub
  • Place the lid on and freeze for around 4 hours, or until the ice cream has set