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Eating with the seasons

Deep in the winter frost, it is important to ensure that you are eating what’s delicious and in season. Eating fresh food is always going to make you feel happier in these cold times.

Root Vegetables

There’s nothing more warming on a cold winter’s night than earthy root veg. Potatoes may be your automatic go to, but the frost brings delicious flavours hidden in the soil with many other root vegetables. Try some swede or turnips for an alternative homely taste.


Kale is the curious superfood that has soared in popularity of the last year. It’s hard to see many healthy living recipes that don’t feature this iron filled nutritious leaf. So if you want be get healthy and turn your plate trendy, now it the perfect opportunity to delve into the wondrous kale.

Brussel Sprouts

For many, brussel sprouts are bane of the Christmas dinner. With soggy and tasteless boiled brussels, its easy to understand why. However, brussel sprouts have a great rich flavour if used correctly. Experiment with the cousin of the cabbage with different ideas such as caramelising the sprouts and adding them to a curry for a delicious seasonal twist.


During the winter, it’s easy to fall into safe routines. Inject some vivacity into your meals with beautiful and bright beetroot.  Another root vegetable, beetroot is delectably versatile. A powerful and robust flavour is held within this lively humble vegetable.

Citrus fruits

Winter does not mean dull. You can have bright vibrant flavours that are still in season. Get a boost of vitamin C when the skies are grey, with grapefruits, lemons, oranges and tangerines in season. They’re full of juicy and zingy flavours, and its a taste of the sun on your plate right when you need it.