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Exploring the joy of Mumbai

Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India. Its culture is full of diversity and vibrancy, from the food to the music. 

The Joy of Mumbai’s cuisine 

The cuisine of Mumbai is anything but shy. Every dish is bursting with flavours, a rich taste and a distinct fieriness. Being a coastal city, Mumbai cuisine often involves lots of seafood, fish, and coconuts. As a city, Mumbai is particularly passionate of all its different cuisines. The bustling metropolis is full of influences from around the country, and the world!

The exciting cuisine has been shaped by Koli Fisherman, Hindu dynasties, Muslim Sultans, and Portuguese and British colonists. The city’s cuisines has culinary notes from the Maharashtra, Gujarats, and Parsi delicacies. This is epitomised by one of the key dishes of the area, egg curry. The combination of sweet mild spices and overwhelming aromatics of the sauce with the humble egg is derived from a very old Parsi recipe.

Bombay Egg Curry

The incredible location lends itself well to the gastronomy of the city. Situated by the Arabian sea, Mangolorean, Goan, and Malvani seafood dishes dominate the area. The culinary heritage of the area will always maintain an intimate relationship with the city’s present.

Mumbai is one of the top destinations for foodies travelling to India, with many on a gastronomic pilgrimage for it’s renowned street food. It has an incredible culture of outdoor eating and fast street food. This hustle of the city is epitomised in the nature of it’s street food: quality and quick. With simple food stalls providing some of the most tantalising tastes, there is a myriad of aromas, harmonies, and crowds searching for the perfect quick bite.

Mumbai Jalebi

Mumbaikers are large fans of the sweeter things in life, including their many pastries and dessert delicacies. Combined with the city’s love of street food, you’re never far away from a sugar rush. Jalebi is on of the most famous sweet treats of Mumbai, a deep fried pastry with a bright orange hue dripping in sugar syrup.

The Joy of Mumbai’s culture

Mumbai is a striving amalgamation of tradition, religions, cuisines, and fine arts. It’s one of the busiest cities in India, giving its distinctive metropolitan ambiance. The commercial capital of India is brought alive by the inhabitants here. Mumbaikers celebrate their vibrant culture through festivals and celebrations. There are pockets of historical importance in this urban city. The Gateway of India is an arch monument, built in the 20th century. Located on the waterfront, The Gateway of India is considered the city’s top tourist attraction; with it even being fondly referred to as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai.

Mumbai Gateway of India

Mumbai is also home to the Elephanta Caves. Elephanta Caves are a network of sculpted caves located in Mumbai Harbour on Elephanta Island. These stunning caves are found in Gharapuri, which is literally translated as city of caves. Much like the city itself, the caves celebrate a welcoming of cultures and religion. There is a large group of five Hindu caves and a smaller group of two Buddhist caves. These caves are of unknown exact date and attribution, they are considered to be one of the oldest rock cut structures in the country. An expression of ancient Indian art, these caves provide a remote pocket of serenity from the buzzing city of Mumbai.

Mumbai is a concrete jungle, centred on a passion and love for culture, food, and joy.