Easy Morning Meditation Routine

Starting off your morning with meditation can radically change your day. It’s the perfect way to start off your day and clear your mind ready for the challenges ahead. Our easy morning meditation routine is the ideal introduction into mindfulness and will only take a few minutes.

Why You Should Meditate

Meditating challenges your brain and how you deal with stress. By meditating in the morning as part of your wake up routine, you can be able to compartmentalise your day and prioritise correctly. It may seem daunting, but there are lots of different meditating techniques. Once you find the right one for you that fits into your lifestyle, you’ll never go back. Meditation can open up communication between the mind and body that will help you mentally and physically. Try for just one week and you’ll see the difference in your reactions and approach to life.

Morning Meditation Routine

Find the right morning meditation for you and our easy guide.

Breathing Meditation
Breathing meditation can calm your mind, minimise stress, and reduce distractions around you. Just simply spend 2 minutes of your morning focusing all your attention on the inhaling and exhaling of your breathing.

Candle Staring
If you struggle to focus, this technique might be best with you. If you light a candle and stare at it for 5 minutes, you’ll find your attention completely directed whilst other niggling thoughts disappear.

Mantra Meditation
Mantra meditation is a great choice is you have something in particular that you would like to reiterate to yourself. Find a mantra that means something to you personally and resonates with your ideas. If you keep repeating this, you will find yourself feeling focused and calm.

Walking Meditation
This technique is a slightly longer as it requires walking to 10 minutes. As you’re walking spend just 1 minute focusing on the sensations and feelings around you, whether its what you can feel, hear, or see.

If you focus better with music, listen to our meditation playlist here.