Old Delhi Nihari sauce


An Aromatic Slow Cooked Recipe with a Melange of Exotic Spices


This aromatic recipe dates to the reign of the Mughal Emperors. Its name is derived from the Arabic word ‘Nahar,’ meaning ‘day break’ – the time at which the dish was traditionally eaten having been slow-cooked overnight.

It is the capital city of India. According to legend, the city was named for Raja Dhilu, a king who reigned over the region around the 1st century B.C. Delhi’s cultural life exhibits a unique blend of the traditional and cosmopolitan styles. The city is dotted with numerous museums, historic forts, monuments, auditoriums, botanical gardens and places of worship.


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Water, Onion, Tomato, Sunflower Oil, Nihari Masala (4.06%), Ginger, Wheat Flour (WHEAT GLUTEN), Salt, Garlic, Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Acid E330


No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours


Singular, Case of 6

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